The Strats are a powerful electric Pop/ rock band fronted by guitarist Will Ludford. Will has worked with and performed with some of the top name bands in the UK and toured the USA with rock band Diamond LIL in the late 60s.... Some of the people he worked with include....Tiny Tim, Sly and Robbie..Anton Ellis...The Barron Knights..and he is privileged to have jammed with Jimi Hendrix.. He also did session work in the legendary Chalk Farm studios. After fighting a five year battle with drugs, Will entered a monastery and lived quietly for 3 years. On leaving the monastery, Will joined a cult who follow the path of the Holy Grail. Now mostly a recluse, Will lives in a small castle in Monaghan Ireland and has found new respect as a guitarist from a new wave of young musicians who have discovered his original songs and inspirational guitar playing. Will says one of the best moments in his life was meeting and working with George Harrison at the Beatles headquarters in Saville Row, he describes George as being the nicest person he met in music. The Strats' new CD is "Falling Off The Edge Of The World"  is based on an experience Will had while taking LSD and purplearts...the. Album reached No.5 in the AiiRadio Charts and No. 1 in the Reverb Nation Independent Chart.. pONurplehearts. This Cd entered the Amer  radio charts at no. 5 and is getting air play on                                                                                     

The Strats are signed to Holy Grail Records.




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Featuring Will Ludford on Guitar